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Sagittarius New Moon ~ Some Magical Galactic Help for 2018

Every now and then everything aligns to support us in creating the life of our dreams. This New Moon in Sagittarius is one of those times!

Tonight, this Sunday evening, December 17, 2018 at 10:30 pm PST (adjust for your time zone), we will have the final New Moon of 2017. Luna (our Moon) will join with Sol (our Sun) at 26°31’ Sagittarius, right on the Galactic Center.

What does that mean? The Galactic Center is at the very center of our Milky Way Galaxy. You can think of it as our Sun’s Sun…the source of everything in our galaxy. Metaphysically this alignment offers tremendous downloads of wisdom for those who are open. This is extremely special … an opportunity to anchor in our Galactic Mother’s energy.

Not only are the Sun & Moon creating a portal to beam the beautiful rays of the Galactic Center, but they are being additionally supported by conjunctions to both Venus and Saturn. This allows us to make grace-filled plans that will be rooted in very firm and stable ground. In addition, the Sun & Moon are trining Uranus in Aries, which is inspiring us to think outside the box. What do you want? What have you always dreamed of but didn’t dare tell anyone much less yourself? Now is the time to embrace your most heartfelt dreams.

Given that this is the final New Moon of 2017, this is a wonderful opportunity to review the year and set yourself up to win in 2018. There were some joys and sorrows, successes, and places where we’ve faltered. Take a moment to assess, what worked? What would you have done differently? The mistakes are perhaps more valuable than the wins because of the lessons that we’ve learned. Now take a moment to write out what you feel grateful for and truly feel your gratitude. It’s been a wonderful year in many ways, hasn’t it? You’re still here with so much life to live!

After the moment of the New Moon and up until 5:10 am tomorrow, Monday December 18th, while holding all of your gratitude for 2017, write out your intentions for 2018. Reach as deep and as high as you can to summon your most heartfelt dreams. Have fun with it…anything goes! This is a Sagittarius New Moon after all! Note: If you are reading this after this window of time, give yourself a hug and make your list of intentions now!

To inspire you, here is a list of all things Sagittarian:

  • Wisdom[if !supportLists]·

  • Connecting with Nature

  • Truth & Honesty

  • Teaching, Higher Learning

  • Philosophy

  • Faith

  • Religious & Spiritual Questing

  • Travel, Adventure & Journeys of All Kinds

  • Publishing

  • Optimism

  • Freedom

What is it that would make your heart sing? What are you here to experience? The whole of creation is cheering you on!

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