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Survive & Even Thrive during Mercury Retrograde

I have a friend whom I affectionately call my Mercury retrograde canary in the coalmine. Every time Mercury begins to slow down and begin its dance “backwards,” I can expect to hear him say, “It’s happening again!”

In our busy western world, where everyone seems to be ruled by the clock or more recently by their Twitter feeds, Mercury retrograde is an unwelcome interruption of chaos and confusion. Schedules get changed, computers can start to act up, and cars may suddenly need some special and unexpected attention.

Mercury rules transportation, dexterity, and communication of all sorts, so when it goes retrograde these various domains can become affected. Misunderstandings can occur, for example, so I don't recommend signing any important documents, electronics and vehicles may encounter problems, and surgery is not recommended during Mercury retrograde periods, unless you would like to repeat the surgery!

The holidays can be busy and stressful enough…and now we have Mercury retrograde?

There’s good news however! I’ve created a survival guide for these periodic Mercury

retrograde periods.

Image created by William R. Hicks

Just click here to learn how to not only survive Mercury retrograde, but thrive when the trickster does his backwards dance!


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Three times per year, Mercury goes retrograde for approximately three weeks. Now no planet actually moves backwards (retrograde), but from our perspective on Earth they occasionally appear to do so. In other words, all planets in the

solar system move in a counterclockwise direction around the Sun, which we astrologers call “direct,” but during their retrograde periods they appear to travel in a clockwise direction, or backwards, relative to Earth.

With Mercury and Venus (the planets with orbits closer to the Sun than the Earth’s orbit around the Sun), they appear to move retrograde when they transit between the Earth and the Sun. During this time, their energy becomes more pronounced because they are located between the Sun and the Earth’s energy and magnetic exchange, and also due to the mere fact that they are closer to us than when they are on the other side of the Sun.

WARNING: Super Technical Information Ahead; Many People Are Confused by This!

This particular Mercury retrograde is happening between the degrees of 13°00’ and 29°18’ of Sagittarius, from beginning of the pre-shadow to the end of the post-shadow period. We entered the pre-shadow period on November 14th when Mercury first hit 13°00’ Sagittarius and appeared to slow down. Then on December 2nd Mercury stationed retrograde when it reached 29°18’ Sagittarius, and began its dance backwards. Mercury will be retrograde until December 22nd when it reaches 13°00’ Sagittarius. It will then station direct and enter the post-shadow period. It will appear to move slowly forward until it reaches the end of the post-shadow period on January 10th when it reaches 29°18’ Sagittarius. (All of these dates are based on PST)

Image created by William R. Hicks

NOTE: If you have any mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces) within the degrees of 13 & 29, you may be especially affected.

Mercury in Sagittarius is answering to Jupiter, who is hanging out in Scorpio this year. Mercury is generally pretty chatty but even more so in Sagittarius, and given that his ruler Jupiter is shining his spotlight in the super secretive sign of Scorpio it is no surprise that so many secrets are coming to the surface (#Me Too)!

Most importantly, as at all times in life…stay calm and enjoy the journey!

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