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Gemini Full Super Moon & Mercury Retrograde ... The Trickster is Loose!

Lunar cycles invite us to tune into our own natural rhythms and calm the frenetic pace of our busy lives. This Full Moon, however, happens to be a Super Moon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky due to it coinciding with its closest approach to the earth (the perigee).

When the moon is full we seem to be able to tap into the world beyond this one, but what we see is affected by our mind’s filters, so never has it been more important to be mindful of the intentions and beliefs that we hold as we venture out into our world.

This Full Moon is in Gemini and is therefore ruled by the trickster, Mercury, which coincidentally stationed retrograde within hours of the Full Moon and is currently out-of-bounds! When a planet is out-of-bounds, it's energies are exaggerated...

What does it mean when a planet is out-of-bounds? Picture the Earth, with her horizontal, latitudinal bands, with the equator in the middle and the tropic of Cancer north of the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn south of the equator. The Sun travels within the ecliptic, but is always at 0° longitude.

The other planets in our solar system usually stay within 23°27’ either north or south in declination along the ecliptic. Occasionally the planets go beyond this marker. At this point they are considered out of bounds.

When a planet is out of bounds, it is no longer under the dominion or influence of the Sun. It will behave in a more exaggerated fashion, more erratically, or out of control.

Mercury rules transportation, dexterity, and communication of all sorts, so when he goes retrograde these various domains can become affected.

Misunderstandings can occur, so I don't recommend signing any important documents, electronics and vehicles may encounter problems, and surgery is not recommended during Mercury retrograde periods, unless you would like to repeat the surgery!

It’s a perfect time to let your creative juices flow—journal, paint, review past work, and fix something that may need fixing. It's a time to welcome the opportunity to reflect, reprise, reconsider, and repeat what bears repeating.

It’s also a wonderful time to mend relationships in need of some tender loving care, so perhaps apologize and/or come to a greater understanding.

Contact me if you would like to know how this affects you personally based on your Natal/Birth Chart.

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