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Scorpio New Moon ~ Transmute, Transform, & Transcend

With each New Moon we have a fresh opportunity to tune into ourselves and our natural rhythms…to embrace a new beginning that happens once a month.

Scorpio is the sign of all possibilities…the sign of transformation, death and rebirth. This is why the sign of Scorpio is represented by two symbols: the commonly known scorpion with its vengeful stinger, and the lesser known transcendent eagle/phoenix.

What are you willing to allow die within you so that something else may be reborn from its ashes?

This New Moon, which occurs at 3:42 am PST Saturday, November 18th, is inviting us to dive into the depths of ourselves, release anything and everything that is no longer serving us so that we can freely step into the life of our dreams.

Scorpio has had a bit of a bad rap through the eons, but that’s just because the natives of this sign care so deeply. No one else can fully comprehend the depths with which these people are familiar. When one has a lot of Scorpio in their birth chart, they are given keys to deep, hidden, and secret vaults where valuable treasures of wisdom and the mysteries of the universe are held.

There are also vaults where the darkest of deeds are held… energetic tombs that they oversee. These folks know on a subliminal level that they are holding profound power, and with this profound power comes profound responsibility.

They have an acute sense of right and wrong, and are very willing to let you know if you’ve crossed the proverbial line. Known to be the wielders of justice, they are a courageous lot whom you want on your side. There is no one who is better prepared to go into battle for a worthy cause!

With every New Moon we make a list of intentions. Ideally, we make our list as close to the New Moon as possible, just after the Sun & Moon have met, but this month the Moon will go void of course immediately as she meets with the Sun. In this case, I recommend that you wait until the Moon goes into Sagittarius tomorrow morning at 10:59 am PST, for much more fruitful results. You can intend whatever you would like during this potent time of the New Moon, but here is a list of Scorpio related topics to get your creative juices flowing:



Sex & Soul Mates

Inheritance & Other People’s Money

Financial Partnerships



So tomorrow as you make your list of intentions for the New Moon, think of the Scorpios in your life and wish them a special Happy Birthday with appreciation for the heavy burden that they agreed to carry in this incarnation. It isn’t easy being them, but I’d wager that they wouldn’t have it any other way!

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