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Mirror Mirror – Venus Opposes Uranus During the Taurus Full Moon

Full Moons inspire the primal within us. Since the beginning of time, we have looked up and noticed the moon waxing to full to the point where we could rely on her brightness to be able to see at night. But there is also a special internal sight that she gives, which can allow us to see beyond the purely empirical, physical world.

Photo by Paolo De Santis

Just as the Moon influences the tides and women’s reproductive cycles, perhaps she also activates our pineal gland—the small endocrine gland resembling a pine cone near the center of the vertebrate brain—which René Descartes believed to be the "principal seat of the soul” and which is also known as the ‘third eye’ or “God organ.” This God organ produces a psychoactive chemical, which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles and regulates reproductive hormones. Similar to DMT, it causes piezoluminescence (the process that turns electromagnetic energy into photons) and is a powerful chemical agent found in the Ayahuasca brew Amazonian Shamans use to provoke out of body experiences.

Whatever the reason, when the moon is full we seem to be able to tap into the world beyond this one, but what we see is affected by our mind’s filters, so never has it been more important to be mindful of the intentions and beliefs that we hold as we venture out into our world.

This Full Moon in Taurus is bringing us some lovely gifts of insight and inspiration. The Moon loves being in the deliciously earthy and sensual sign of Taurus, especially now that her ruler Venus is so happy in her other relationship-oriented sign of Libra. Tonight, there’s a lot of excitement in the air! Just 20 minutes before the Full Moon (which happens at 10:22 pm PDT) our love goddess is perfecting her opposition to Uranus in Aries. We are being reminded once again to strike a balance between our desire to express our unique individuation/independence, while being mindful of the needs of our partners and our loved ones.

Projection and mirrors are themes of oppositions, so keep in mind that while it is easier for us to perceive our own internal issues when they manifest outside of ourselves via the other people around us, it would be wise to remember that we are at cause in our lives. As long as we remember to maintain personal responsibility for our projections, we are sure to gain higher ground in our relationships, and just might have a lot more fun in the process! In Libra, Venus is in the mood for love and romance, and with Uranus directly opposing her she is likely to want to release any and all barriers to fully connecting. She might just surprise herself with her spontaneous friskiness. Saturn is in the mix as well with his sextile to Venus and trine to Uranus, so he can provide the steadying voice of reason, which keeps us from going too far into the wild side and doing things we might regret later.

The Moon and Sun have some beautifully sensitive and poetic energetic support from Neptune who is sextile Luna and trine Sol. This brings a heightened sensitivity to the world beyond the veil and may bring flashes of inspiration and images of the ideal. For those of us who are focused on making the quantum leap into the world in which we want to be living, tonight is one of those nights when we can truly envision a beautiful world that works for everyone!

The Moon will be full at 11 degrees Taurus, so depending on where it falls in your chart it will affect your focus of attention for the next month. If you haven’t had your chart done, then click here and I will help you with that.

Enjoy these fun, spontaneous, mystical, and magical energies this weekend!

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