Sweet Spontaneity – Uranus Opposes the Sun & Moon

(photo by NASA)

It’s time to create community in our world. There is more that connects us than that which divides, and today’s New Moon has some very sweet and exciting connections to inspire us. First of all, this is the New Moon in Libra, the sign of the relationships and harmony, and thankfully the aspects are both stabilizing, harmonious (Sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius) and stimulating – Uranus is directly opposite the Sun & Moon. This invites us to spontaneously be in the moment with our loved ones and everyone else in our lives, while authentically living our truth.

According to Vibrational Astrologer, David Cochrane there are a number of 9th Harmonic Aspects between Venus, the Sun & Moon, Pluto, & Uranus in today’s New Moon chart. The 9th Harmonic is all about enjoying the relationships that we share with others…feeling bonded and connected with our neighbors, friends, and loved ones.