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The Great American Solar Eclipse ~ The Season of Sun & Shadow

“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul. “

~ Victor Hugo

We are mid-way between the two eclipses of the Leo Season of 2017! Can you feel it--the building anticipation in the air; the sense that something big is happening; the urge to dive deep in order to discover and express your true self and callings? The lion is coaxing us to venture forth with courage and the knowing that you and only you can bring what you bring to the party.

The time is now to peel away any layers that are not truly and authentically you. Who are you? Are you your profession; your role within your familial structure; your gender identification; your political affiliation? Are you sure of who you are? Is there something new that is emerging within you that wants to be expressed through you?

Are there any parts of you that you are not proud of? Anything that you would rather not look at and certainly don’t want anyone else to see or be aware of? During this season of “Sun and Shadow” we have a beautiful opportunity to encounter on a more profound level than ever before that which we have kept hidden deep within our psyches. This might be scary for some, but as Shrek said, “Better out, than in!” ;-)

Eclipses can expose that which we are trying to hide from – our own shadow. We may be surprised by what comes up, but the more lovingly mindful we are and the more we are consciously co-creating in our lives, then the more this will be a fun adventure! Rather than being blind-sided, we may find that we’re delighted by what comes to the surface, and this can only happen when we are committed to being more and more present in the moment to what is happening both within and around us.

Just know that eclipses bring to the surface that to which we are strongly attached. Also know that we are all in this together! Each of us has our light and our darkness. As we are mindful and loving with each other, this will be an amazing time for the world and for those of us here in America!

For those of you who are venturing into the path of totality on Monday, August 21st, please make sure that you double-check your plans. Do you have your hotel reservations and car rentals confirmed? Are you sure that you have the right ISO certified solar eclipse glasses?

When in doubt poke a hole in a sheet of paper and enjoy the eclipse safely. A burned retina would not be worth the excitement of looking at the sun directly with risky eye wear.

In addition, Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday evening here on the west coast. Remember that Mercury rules short distant travel along with communication. He can bring confusion and misunderstandings and he invites us to revise our plans. Anything that may not be for our highest good may certainly be brought to our attention, and sometimes that thing may be a character wound/flaw. Now we don’t generally appreciate it when someone else points out a flaw within us, but how we choose to perceive things makes all the difference. If we’re afraid to look at our wounds, then we might have a rougher time, but if we see this as a grand adventure into self-discovery, it’ll be a lot more fun. Knowledge is power!

One more note on this coming eclipse: the star Regulus has been in the tropical sign of Leo for over two thousand years. Regulus is called the “Heart of the Lion” and has long been thought of as the “King Maker.” Our own President Trump was born with Regulus on his Ascendant, which explains a lot doesn’t it? Well in the last few years, Regulus, also known as the star of leadership, has precessed into the tropical sign of Virgo, and one of the most dominant domains that Virgo rules is a spirit of service. Leos, however, are natural leaders and their birthright is that of rulership, especially when they benevolently shine their brilliant light into the world, so they’re not generally thought of as the servants of the world. Something interesting has happened with Regulus’ precession into Virgo because now more than ever our leaders are being called to be in service to the world.

Therefore, as we are courageously embracing our own individual shadows, let’s take full advantage of this precession of Regulus and the new energy that it brings to co-create the world and lives of our dreams with our elected leaders!

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