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1st Leo New Moon ~ Let Your Inner Kitten Roar

Photo by Alan Wnuk

Photo by Alan Wnuk

What better way to begin the creative, passionately loving, romantic, dramatic and playful month of Leo than with a New Moon right at the beginning! This solar month, we have a very special opportunity to bask in the light or lack of light of two Leo New Moons. Today, Luna joins with Sol at 0°44’ of Leo and then again in 4 weeks and 1 day, the Moon will join with the Sun at 28°53’ of Leo and be close enough to the nodal axis to create a total solar eclipse – there will be much more on that in the weeks to come.

*Note: Every 2 ½ years we have two New Moons in the same sign. Having two New Moons in Leo gives us the added impetus and courage to truly own our own power and create the life of our dreams!

Set Your Intentions

It’s time to make your Leo affirmations. Right after the New Moon it is a great idea to make a list of intentions…plant those mental seeds! To help you with your list here are a few Leonine themes:

Being in the Spotlight/Owning the Stage




Dignity & Sovereignty



Heart’s Path

Love/Romance & Passion

Play & Fun

Have fun weaving these themes and any others that you would like to manifest into your life as you set your intentions.

Dark of the Moon

There’s a special period between the moment the Moon enters the sign that is occupied by the Sun and the moment of the New Moon. This is called the “Dark of the Moon” and has long been considered a fertile time to create magic. This Leo month, we have a unique opportunity because the 2nd New Moon, the Total Solar Eclipse/Great American Eclipse is vastly more potent, so this dark of the Moon will last from today until August 21st. This makes our intentions so much more potent. Remember to be mindful of what you wish for…think long term, but also know that many a present day desire shifts in the light of tomorrow’s new life.

Create the Life of Your Dreams

As we are traveling along our path, we can’t necessarily see the road around the bend, we don’t always see the results of our creations in the moment of inception, but we are powerful co-creators in our lives and we can always choose a new path or direction. Today, let your imagination sour and envision what life would be like if you were living the life of your dreams! Do you love what you are currently doing, living where you are, spending your free time as your currently do? Are you being the best version of yourself?

I know that you are already well on your way to creating the life of your dreams…in what ways can it be even more deliciously amazing? This is a potent time to go deep and let your heart tell you what it desires. Anything is possible! What do you envision?

With Mars joining with the Sun and the Moon we are getting an even more vital push toward our new life. Uranus is square the Leo party asking us to stretch our ideas of what it means to be a leader in our lives – how authentically true to yourself are you being? Today, more than ever is a day to be true to our inner child’s calling.

Enjoy the process of discovery. You may surprise yourself over the next few weeks as you realize that you are choosing a completely new direction and path. Enjoy the journey!

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