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"That Thing" Between James Comey & President Donald Trump

With James Comey’s Testimony today, I started to wonder about his compatibility with President Trump. Under different circumstances they might have become good friends. For instance, Comey’s Sun is opposite Trump’s Sun and conjunct Trump’s Moon, which would incline them to have differing but complementary temperaments and feel a natural kinship, thus making them quite compatible.

There are also very clear indicators of why their relationship has unfolded the way that it has. Among other aspects, Comey’s Sun is also conjunct Trump’s South Node. This connection would contribute to the compelling and karmic relationship that they clearly have. The South Node person (Trump) would be inclined to feel that the Sun person (Comey) owes some special allegiance to him, and unresolved ego and authority issues are bound to crop up with this connection. Another interesting aspect is that Trump’s Jupiter is square Comey’s Saturn, causing Trump to be much more relaxed and freewheeling, while Comey would be the ultra-responsible one, and thereby frustrating Trump with his pesky propriety and restraint.

The following are excerpts from my compatibility report that give a peek into the darker dynamics between the two of them:

Composite Moon Square Pluto:

Deep emotions and intense, compelling, irrational energies within both of you come into play.

Certainly, no matter how long this relationship lasts, it will be a profound, intense one. Emotionally it may feel overwhelming at times. At times you're both apt to feel that you're in over your heads. If any emotional manipulation, domination, or abuse occurs, you both need to step back and get a clear, objective third party to help you.

Composite Saturn Conjunct Neptune:

One, or both, of you is likely to feel at times that the other is belittling and critical. One of you is likely to feel that the other does not see the good points in your personality, and is not encouraging and supportive.

Composite Saturn Square Uranus:

You have a rather unsettling and destabilizing effect upon one another. It is possible that one of you will resist being as mischievous as the other, so that one of you is more conservative, restrictive, and controlling, causing the other to feel limited, stifled, and possibly resentful. The more aggravated this conflict becomes, the greater the likelihood of sudden upsets and disagreements. At worst, you can become extremely hostile to each other.

There is much more that could be said about the dynamics between the two of them. I will conclude by noting that Comey is a Sagittarian, who values honesty, and Trump with Leo rising values Loyalty.

How this plays out will undoubtedly be great political theater…I’m sure that popcorn sales are going up!

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