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Mother Earth

Last Saturday was Earth Day, this coming Saturday is the People's Climate March all around the world, and we should make a point to consciously celebrate the Earth everyday. Mother Earth is our home and she takes care of all of our needs, so we should honor her and protect her environment for not only ourselves, but for all generations to come.

Not only is Earth our home, we are who we are because of her. If we were born on any other planet, we would have completely different personalities because our Natal (Birth) Charts are calculated from Earth's perspective and its relationship to the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets.

This is why Elise needs your date of birth, time of birth (down to the minute), and city of birth. With this information, you can “discover who you are ~ the traits you were born with, your personality, gifts, challenges, and propensity for success in love and career ~ it's very revealing!”

Mother Earth, her Moon, the Sun, and all of the other planets are constantly moving, and are never located in the exact same configuration twice. Earth is unique, your birthday is unique, and therefore you are unique! So as Earth moves around the Sun, and you move around the Earth, and you meet many people throughout your life, you have Solar Returns, Transits, Progressions, changes in Astrocartography, and compatibility dynamics.

You have a blueprint, which you received from this Big Blue Marble, but you also have free will, so contact Elise for your blueprint, so you can use it to your advantage. A sailor may not control the wind and the sea, but he controls his sails and he can navigate using the stars. How can you best use your free will unless you know which way the wind is blowing, the condition of the seas, your direction, and where the land is?

Elise can provide the weather report, a map, the lighthouse, and the planets and the stars, but you need to control the rudder and the sails, and steer the boat. Teaming up with Elise as your navigator, together you can best navigate your journey on our big, beautiful, blue and green home, Mother Earth. It’s time to fully enjoy life and the journey!

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