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Pluto, God of the Underworld, Stations Retrograde

For anyone who believes that Pluto is not a planet, they haven't had a strong Pluto transit!

As of today, Pluto will station retrograde at 19° Capricorn and he’ll be retrograde until September 28th at 16° Capricorn. Pluto rules power, control issues, intrigue, the underbelly of society, and transformation. While he is moving “backwards,” we will all have a chance to revisit what true power means for us personally and globally.

In Capricorn, Pluto has revealed the flaws that our power structures in our society have. During this retrograde, there will be greater opportunities to step up and reclaim the power that we’ve unwittingly given to others. What does true sovereignty mean to you? These next five months will be powerful, and with a bit of intention they can be transformative!

The days of the station can be intense, so be gentle with yourselves and others.

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