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Venus Springs Forward

Today is not only tax day, the 105th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, and the 152nd anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, but some positive news is that Venus is also going direct today! Although she is still in her shadow until May 18th, it is a better time now to move forward on financial and relationship decisions. So perhaps tell that old flame with whom you got back in touch while Venus was retrograde, that you are open to moving forward (or not), albeit slowly, since during the shadow period, Venus is also moving very slowly ahead as viewed from Earth (you can refer to my Mercury Retrograde blog for a clearer definition of retrograde).

In ancient Babylonia, the planet Venus was identified with Ishtar, the goddess of spring. In Phoenecia, she became Astarte; in Greece, Eostre, related to the Greek word Eos for “dawn”; and in Germany, Ostara, which comes from the German word Ost: “east,” which is the direction of dawn, when Venus is "the morning star" she rises directly before the Sun-god, Sol. These various names for Venus are all interchangeable for the more well-known "Easter", and therefore Venus is also the goddess Easter, the goddess of fertility, worshiped in spring when all life was being renewed. So whether you are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus tomorrow or not, you can rest assured that the goddess Easter is moving forward this spring, perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps it is a sign that we too should spring forward in life and love! Either way...have a very Happy Easter!

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