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Mercury Moves Backwards from Taurus into Aries

It's that time again, folks! Will you hide under the covers or be the master of

your domain?

It's really not that scary a time, especially for those of you who were born with Mercury retrograde in your natal chart. You may find yourselves getting a lot done, while the rest of the world seems to have gone off the rails, so to speak.

Mercury rules transportation, dexterity, and communication of all sorts, so when it goes retrograde these various domains can become affected. Misunderstandings can occur, for example, so I don't recommend signing any important documents, electronics and vehicles may encounter problems, and surgery is not recommended during Mercury retrograde periods, unless you would like to repeat the surgery!

There is good news, however! We tend to live more in our left-brain, logical, more rational mind, especially in the western world, but when Mercury goes retrograde we flip into our right-brain, which is the artistic, inspired, and inventive side. So while it can be a confusing time because we may be less logical, it can be a great time to be more creative and innovative. It’s a perfect time to let your creative juices flow—journal, paint, review past work, and fix something that may need fixing. It's a time to welcome the opportunity to reflect, reprise, reconsider, get the idea.

It’s also a wonderful time to mend relationships in need of some tender loving care; to perhaps apologize and/or come to a greater understanding. Easy does it though, because just as it's a good time to repair a misunderstanding, it's also a time when misunderstandings can be created (as I mentioned earlier), so be sure to be very clear. You can say things like: "This is what I heard you say…is that what you said; is my memory serving me; or…is that what you meant?” I also do my best to believe that those in my world have benevolent intentions—this alone goes a long way towards creating peace.

For my fellow astrology nerds:

Mercury begins his retrograde on April 9th at 4° Taurus and moves back to 24° Aries, where he will station direct on May 3rd. While Mercury retro periods can be times for introspection, there will be a wonderful window of time between April 22nd to April 25th when Mercury will be trine Saturn. This will be a great time to take care of that paperwork you've been putting off...just make sure that you're not signing any new documents.

This is a time of enhanced concentration, and there's also the added benefit of possible flashes of insight as Mercury rejoins with Uranus between April 26th and May 1st. Be careful on May 1st, though, as Mercury will be midpoint between Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Uranus, stimulating the cranky feminine in all of us. Mercury won't quite completely join with Eris before he stations direct and then rejoins with Uranus on May 10th at 25° Aries.

For you writers and inventors out there, plan for some fruitful mental explorations during the last few weeks of April and into the first two weeks of May.

As always, enjoy the journey!

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