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Our Ringed God Turns Backwards

Today, April 6, 2017, Saturn will begin going retrograde. In fact, five planets will be retrograde this month. Jupiter and Venus have already been retrograde, which I mentioned in previous blogs, Mercury will be going retrograde on the 10th, and Pluto will station retrograde on the 20th. Four of the five planets will be retrograde between April 6th and when Venus goes direct on April 15th.

Saturn takes about twenty-eight and a half years to circle the zodiac, visiting each zodiac sign for about two and a half years. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and will be moving backwards from 27° to 21°. At the end of the year (the day before the Winter Solstice) he will finally move into his home sign of Capricorn. The last time that Saturn was in Capricorn was in 1988 and 1989, when CERN created the Internet (not Al Gore) and the Berlin Wall came down.

Saturn rules responsibility, sobriety, authority, and keeps us within the confines of the matrix, so when he is retrograde it is a good time to reevaluate to whom or what we are giving our power, energy, and loyalty. And since the four other planets are retrograde as well, we may as well reevaluate our careers, relationships, finances, communications, outward activities, passions, and relationship with power structures too!

The Roman god Saturn (or the Greek god Cronus) is like the principal sitting at the back of the classroom. If we are studying, doing our work and paying attention, then he pretty much leaves us alone, but if we are goofing off and shooting each other with spit wads, then he will intervene. So take this time to evaluate whether you are doing “your work” or fooling around with some other distraction.

Saturn will be retrograde until August 25th, so even though you may feel the urge to goof off, I recommend getting clear and staying focused on the ring, because Saturn’s rings will be direct again soon enough, and like Jupiter, he is a very massive planet with much power!

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