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Many Happy Returns ~ Our Aries Friends Are Getting Their Solar Returns

Most people have heard the term "Having your chart done." This refers to a chart that is erected of the moment of birth and is also referred to as a Natal Chart. While this is the perfect place for one to begin exploring astrology...this is just the beginning! Just as the natal chart offers important clues that can help one navigate one's life, the moment of the Solar Return will indicate patterns of emphasis for the coming year.

What many people don't realize is that every year when the Sun comes back to the same degree that it was when you were born, you have a ‘Solar Return.’ The chart that is created at that particular moment and place where you are on Earth represents the dominant patterns that will be present for you during the following year. For 5 hours before and 5 hours after the moment of the return we have our “10 Hours of Power” – powerful and potent time period for manifesting the life of our dreams.

Our “hours of power” are wonderful times to treat ourselves to lots of love: meditate, workout, journal, read a favorite book, get out into nature...whatever your heart desires! It is a sacred and potent time to plant whatever seeds you would like to grow for the coming year.

Beginning with the Spring Equinox this coming Monday, March 20th, we are honoring and celebrating our spirited, pioneering, and brave Aries birthday friends. This year is an especially fast-moving year for our adventurous pals of Spring, as Uranus, who has been traveling through Aries will be trining Saturn in Sagittarius and opposing Jupiter in Libra…that adds lots of air to fan the flames of enthusiasm for any project that you have underway…so enjoy the ride!

If you would like to see what your next year holds in store for you, check out my ‘Services’ page to set up a consultation. It is always best to order your Solar Return at least a couple weeks in advance so that we have plenty of time to prepare.

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