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Venus Retrograde Invites Us to Revisit & Refine Our Relationship with Love, Beauty, & Financ

All heavenly bodies in our solar system go retrograde except for our Moon & of course our Sun. We don’t feel as strongly the effects of the planets farther away such as Jupiter, which is currently retrograde until June 9th, unless they are very significant in our charts.

Venus & Mars are the only planets that don’t go retrograde every year. Mars, for example, will not appear to move backwards this year at all, but our love planet, Venus is currently retrograde in Aries until April 15th, when she hits 26° Pisces and begins her slow march forward.

The goddess of love is a lot feistier in Aries…more like the goddess of war, so tread carefully around the ladies in your lives. In fact, it is very appropriate that the International Women’s Day is happening today during an Aries Venus retrograde.

It is now a time of reevaluation for all things Venusian: love, finances, things that we value, and beauty. This, however, is not a good time to permanently change anything…this means no cosmetic surgery, nor tattoos! I know that several of you are bummed, but trust me; there will be plenty of time after May 19th, when she passes out of the shadow period of her retrograde. ;-)

Now back to love…. How many of you have suddenly had an old lover reappear? Venus in retrograde can prompt us to review our current relationships and she can also bring back unresolved relationships from the past. She can slap some serious rose-colored glasses on us as well. Tread carefully here folks, and do your best to not make any permanent decisions, either to break up, or bond with anyone (early Spring weddings are not recommended!). You may find yourself several months from now wondering what you were thinking.

I will be posting another blog about retrogrades in April, when we’ll have five planets in retrograde motion.

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