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Second Aries New Moon - First Aries Solar Eclipse!

On April 19, 2023 at 9:12 pm PDT, we will have our 2nd Aries New Moon, but this one will be the first Aries Solar Eclipse since 2006!

Every month as the Moon orbits the Earth, she lines up with the Sun by conjunction, which creates a New Moon. Then 2 weeks later, she opposes the Sun and we have the Full Moon, and then 2 weeks later, she joins with the Sun again for another New Moon, and on and on….

The lunation cycle happens as rhythmically as the tides that lap the seashore, like a beautiful clock in our sky.

Every 6 months or so, when the Sun gets close enough to either the North or the South Node of the Moon we have at least one Solar Eclipse and one Lunar Eclipse!

This is the case now. The North & South Nodes have been slowly moving backwards through Taurus & Scorpio and are about to ingress into the Aries / Libra axis.

This is the first eclipse in this new phase. We’ve been exploring our values and depths in Taurus and Scorpio. Now we’re exploring topics around self-sufficiency and relationship dynamics.

This Solar Eclipse will be begin in the Southern ocean west of Australia and move up and over north of Australia and cross through the islands of Timor, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea and end in the South Pacific.

This is an extremely rare hybrid eclipse as the moon's shadow will change as it’s moving across the Earth's surface. The eclipse begins as an annular eclipse (ring of fire) will transition to a total eclipse as it moves over the northern part of Australia and then become annular again.

What does it mean to have 2 Aries New Moons? There is an extra emphasis on the importance of self-awareness, independence, and courage here.

All eclipses are intense…this eclipse in particular is in a tight out-of-sign square with Pluto, so the intensity is kicked up to the 10th power!

Pluto has recently moved into Aquarius, where he has started the process of transforming our social spheres.

With Pluto activated, our world is changing completely! The old outworn patterns and systems within our world that are not serving the highest good for all are going through a massive up-leveling. If anything in our world and society has been built with faulty premises, then those systems or organizations are due for complete dismantling.

This is the time to be grounded and centered within your being and trust that the infinite divine is all that you need.

Pluto square this eclipse is demanding that we release everything that is no longer serving us. Ask yourself if there is anything that you are overly attached to. If so, I suggest that you take a deep breath and prepare to release it. If there is something that you’ve been meaning to get around to releasing, this is the time!

This is a powerful window for initiation into the life that you were born to live!

With this eclipse in the anorectic final degree of Aries, there is an instinctive urgency…a quickening quality that is being expressed. If you have any planets from 27° - 1° of the late cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you are likely to experience this one more intensely.

The transformative nature of Pluto is likened to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. When Pluto is in the mix, there could be an almost compulsive urge to help the butterfly out of the cocoon. This is NOT recommended as metamorphosis happens in its own time.

There’s a story of some kindly soul who was watching a butterfly in its struggle to free itself of the confines of its cocoon. Not realizing the importance of the struggle, this altruistic soul decided to “help” the butterfly by cutting the cocoon and freeing the butterfly. What the “helper” didn’t realize is that struggle is necessary for the butterfly to pump the fluid from its caterpillar body into its butterfly wings. That butterfly wasn’t able to fulfill its ultimate destiny of flying.

There is something that we are each being called to release. We humans don’t tend to want to embrace change, so there can be resistance.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Relunctant Messiah

I remember a time in my life when I was having a very intense Pluto aspect. He was conjunct my Sun and I was going through one of the most painful times of my life. I lost something very dear to me. A close friend gave me the best advice back then, “Lean into it!”

I did and, long story short, William was the gift of the transformation I experienced… when we surrender and trust the process, Pluto always gives a precious gift!

The eclipse is also conjunct Jupiter, so there is an added blessing!

Ask yourself, what is wanting to be released so that you can embrace your next adventure?

The following is a guide by rising sign to discover what area of your life is being affected:

  • Aries Rising / 1st House - One of the most important points in a chart; I or me, personality, body, health, physical appearance, how one is seen, how one sees the world

  • Pisces Rising / 2nd House - Belongings, finances, earning power, values, resources, self-worth

  • Aquarius Rising / 3rd House - Communication, letters, emails…, siblings, neighbors, immediate surroundings, close travel, primary schooling

  • Capricorn Rising / 4th House - Home, real estate, private life, parents, roots, ancestry, foundation

  • Sagittarius Rising / 5th House - Creativity, children (both human & artistic) drama, vacations, parties, fun, love affairs, romance, gambling, speculation, hobbies

  • Scorpio Rising / 6th House - Health, diet, work, job, employment, employees, dependents, mundane duties, hygiene, personal habits, pets

  • Libra Rising / 7th House/Opposite 1st House – Your others, partners, marriage, divorce, lawsuits, contracts, open enemies

  • Virgo Rising / 8th House/Opposite 2nd House - Others’ belongings, support received from others, inheritance, legacies, insurance, taxes, trusts, secrets, sex, transformation, metaphysics, occult

  • Leo Rising / 9th House/Opposite 3rd House - Higher mind, philosophy, religion, higher learning, psychology, distant travel, foreigners, big business, law

  • Cancer Rising / 10th House/Opposite 4th House - Profession, career, standing in community, status, fame, influence one has within one’s sphere

  • Gemini Rising / 11th House/Opposite 5th House - Goals, wishes, friends, money obtained through one’s profession, groups & associations which are related to career

  • Taurus Rising / 12th House/Opposite 6th House - Seclusion, suffering, sorrow, confinement, limitation, that which is hidden from sight, hidden strengths or weaknesses, secrets, self-undoing, subconscious mind, selfless service to others, charity

I am always happy to shine a light on your path… CLICK HERE for my services and a more in-depth consultation.

As always, William and I wish you the very best life you are here to create!


P.S. Richard Bach has long been one of my favorite authors and if you haven’t read “Illusions,” do yourself the favor…you’re in for a treat! Click here to get it:


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