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S.P.A. for the Soul New Year's Package


Embrace the Next Phase of Your Journey...

You possess one-of-a-kind gifts, which are uniquely yours.


Your mission: to create a profound

impact on the world and build a lasting legacy!


As you navigate your path,

you're in a constant state of awakening.


Your journey is an ongoing evolution,

guiding you toward your true self...


And in this process, you're

reconnecting with your life's purpose!



Let's Continue Our Journey & Dive Deeper...

It’s Time to Unlock a 12-month Journey of Self-Discovery.


Welcome to a transformational program that seamlessly guides you through the astrological year with the wisdom of the stars. Get ready for a journey that spans 12 months, guiding you through personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.


Preparation and Bonus Ramp-Up Month: 


In preparation for the epic year that 2024 is sure to be, we lay the cornerstone before the Aries ingress. Reflect on your accomplishments, set intentions, and craft your vision for the future. Your journey begins.


Visualize your ideal future, and step into the alignment between your aspirations and the astrological energies of the year.


As March approaches, we prepare for a fresh start. It's a transition - a bridge from the Gregorian calendar into the astrological realm. Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace the energy of Aries as you enter a new cycle.


Astrological Year Journey: Aries through Pisces Seasons


The heart of our journey unfolds through the zodiac's wisdom. Each month corresponds with a zodiac sign, aligning with the unique energies and themes.


In late March, the Aries New Year kicks off. It's time to take action, embrace boldness, and initiate change. Your Astrological New Year begins.


Each subsequent month carries you through the zodiac, with its unique qualities and lessons, shaping your personal growth and self-discovery.


Finally, as the Pisces season approaches, you'll reflect on your incredible journey, integrating experiences from both the Gregorian and Astrological calendars.


Join us in unlocking a holistic 12-month experience that bridges two worlds, embracing personal growth, and aligning with the cosmos.


Are you ready for a transformative journey that combines the power of both calendars, unlocking a world of self-discovery and empowerment?  Your adventure begins here!

For 90 minutes twice a month for 12 months:

Only $11,111  ($40,500 value)
You save $29,389!
Payment plan available: $1,111/every month, for 12 months

We’ll explore all of this together, and make 2024 & the first part of 2025 your most successful year(s) so far!

Thank you for your order!  

Please send birthdata (date, place, and accurate time, ...
4 minutes makes a difference) along with
your city of residence
Thank you for allowing me to shine a light on your path! 


















We here at and S.P.A. for the SOUL™ are very careful with the information that is provided to us by our clients and website visitors.  My husband, William Hicks, and I, Elise Hicks, are the only ones who see the data that is collected—e-mail addresses, names, websites, birth data, any other personal information shared with us—in order to interact with our astrology clients and run their charts and reports, or to follow up with people who have expressed an interest in our astrology services.  The data is kept in a very secure location with the latest security protection, and it will never be shared with anyone outside of the business for any reason. 

Your privacy is very important to us here at and S.P.A. for the SOUL™.

We are grateful for your business and trust!

We here at and Essential Oils for the SOUL™ do not give medical, legal, or financial advice.  We base our guidance on the past patterns and testimonials that go beyond the law of averages.

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