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As indicated in the chart below, the Sun, Moon, and planets rule different signs as well as the distinct areas of your body and the various functions in your life, particularly where they fall in your birth chart and how they trigger you along your life’s journey. 


Professional Coaching is your friend, especially when your birth chart gets triggered and various health and personal challenges arise, or when certain areas of your life could use a little enhancing!

This is why we have partnered with Jack Canfield, the extremely gifted teacher and author of numerous books, such as the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series and "The Success Principles."

For just the cost of the purist essential oils in the world (Young Living), you can have success coaching with world-renowned Jack Canfield!

For more specific info, click below to learn more about the oils and Jack's valuable coaching & what you need to do to get started on the next phase of your journey...


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So Are You Ready to Begin?

After you have read the information provided via the link above about Jack Canfield's 30-Day Success Principles Experience, click on Jack's book below to begin, where you will order the 'Premium Starter Bundle Kit' & the first 4 essential oils: Transformation, Clarity, Magnify Your Purpose, and Joy.  There are also optional oils for your consideration.

Order NOW to receive your oils by April 28th!

Email your questions to:


Congratulations on taking this next step towards writing the next chapter of your life with Jack Canfield!




William had a brainstorm that we are excited to offer to you!  If you do decide to join us for Jack’s “30-Day Success Principles Experience,” I will gift you my 1-hour Initial Consultation!  This is a value of $400 and a great way to get you set up to win along with Jack’s coaching and these empowering Young Living Essential Oils! 


Included in the Initial Consultation is:


  • Natal Chart & Report

  • Solar Return (Annual Birthday Chart & Report)

  • Harmonic Highlights Report

  • 1-year Transit Report

  • 1-year Progression Report

  • Astrocartography Report (Geographic Report for 1 city)


I would love to play with you, but whatever you decide, may this year be better than the last one, and may all your deepest and dearest dreams come true…


Warmest regards and may you and yours be well!



Your Quantum Astrologer

After you order the Premium Starter Bundle, please send your birth data (date, place, and accurate time - 4 minutes makes a difference) along with your city of residence in an email to:
Thank you for allowing me to shine a light on your path!

We here at and S.P.A. for the SOUL™ are very careful with the information that is provided to us by our clients and website visitors.  My husband, William Hicks, and I, Elise Hicks, are the only ones who see the data that is collected—e-mail addresses, names, websites, birth data, any other personal information shared with us—in order to interact with our astrology clients and run their charts and reports, or to follow up with people who have expressed an interest in our astrology services.  The data is kept in a very secure location with the latest security protection, and it will never be shared with anyone outside of the business for any reason. 

Your privacy is very important to us here at and S.P.A. for the SOUL™.

We are grateful for your business and trust!

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