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Special 2017 Offer for MasterWorks Membership!

In order to begin this powerful year of 2017 with a bang, Elise is offering a
very special package.  She will help you usher in the New Year in the most empowering way possible!
New Year's 2017 Astrology Package Includes:
* 1 Hour Consultation
* Natal Chart & Report:
Discover who you are, the traits you were born with, your personality, gifts, challenges, propensity for success in love and career ~ Very revealing!
* 1 Year Transit Report:
Your Planetary ‘Weather Report.’  Is it sunny or raining in your world?  As the planets move, they can affect us in various ways.  We can better exercise our free will when we are clear about the forecast.
* Solar Return Chart & Report:
(Annual Birthday Chart) Every year, the Sun returns to the exact position of your time of birth.  At that moment we get our "solar return," which sets up
new patterns of energy and potentialities for the coming year.  Beginning about three months prior to our birthday we start to feel the new patterns emerging.  What does this next year hold for you?  Find out when your “10 Hours of Power" are.
* Astrocartography:
Based on our birth charts, some places are better for us than others. Discover the details on your city of residence.
* Compatibility Report:
Very insightful view of any relationship between two people (friends, family
members, or lovers).
$275 value, for only $175!  Send your birthdata (date, time, and place) along
with your city of residence in an email to:
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