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Embracing Transformation: Scorpio New Moon Unveils Your Inner Alchemy

With the New Moon, @ 20°44' Scorpio, the stage is set for a dance of renewal and transformation. This celestial event offers whispers of profound shifts and hidden rebirths. Let’s explore the larger choreography playing out above and how it guides us within…

Conjunct Mars in Scorpio: Igniting the Inner Fire

As the Moon aligns with Mars in his own realm of Scorpio, a passionate flame is kindled within. This collaboration fuels our desires, compelling us to delve into the depths of our authentic selves. It's an invitation to confront our passions, fears, and hidden strengths, channeling the potent energy of Scorpio to emerge stronger and more self-aware.

Opposite Uranus in Taurus: Embracing the Unpredictable

The magnetic opposition with Uranus in Taurus electrifies the atmosphere. Expect the unexpected, for change is in the air. This tension challenges us to break free from stagnation, urging a radical reevaluation of our values and resources. Embrace the unpredictable manifestation of innovation, and you may find treasure in uncharted territories.

Maps, travel guides, adventure
You may find treasure in uncharted territories.

Photo by Suhash Villuri on Unsplash

Trine Neptune in Pisces: Surrendering to the Cosmic Flow

In a harmonious trine, Neptune in Pisces extends its ethereal hand. This gentle aspect softens the intensity, offering a dreamy reprieve. It encourages us to surrender to the flow, allowing intuitive insights to guide our transformative journey. Amidst Scorpio’s intensity, Neptune's touch brings a soothing balm, reminding us of the beauty in surrender.

Semi-Square Venus in Libra: Navigating Relationship Dynamics

Venus in her domicile of Libra casts a gentle influence, yet the semi-square sparks intriguing dynamics. This aspect challenges us to navigate the realms of balance and harmony in our relationships. As Scorpio beckons transformation, Venus in Libra encourages us to find equilibrium in our connections, fostering growth and mutual understanding.

Pluto’s Presence: Catalyst for Profound Change

With Pluto orchestrating the ensemble, its 16th Harmonic aspects infuse the chart with transformative potency, urging us to release old patterns. The square with the nodes signifies a pivotal moment in our collective evolution—a call to align with our soul’s purpose!

Navigating the Celestial Currents: Practical Insights

Amidst this symphony, grounding practices become our compass. Journaling allows us to explore the hidden realms of our psyche. Meditation becomes a vessel for quiet introspection. Practical actions rooted in self-love guide us through the currents.

Woman meditating in a lake
Meditation becomes a vessel for quiet introspection. Practical actions rooted in self-love guide us through the currents.

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

Unlocking the Cosmic Secrets: Scorpio New Moon in Your Birth Chart

Here's a glimpse of how each rising sign is impacted:


The Scorpio New Moon graces your eighth house, Aries, diving into the realms of shared resources, intimacy, and transformation. Embrace the opportunity for profound self-discovery through meaningful connections.


In your seventh house of partnerships, the New Moon stirs the waters of relationships, Taurus. Dive into the depths of connection, exploring the transformative power of shared experiences.


The Scorpio New Moon lights up your sixth house, Gemini, directing its energy toward daily routines and well-being. Embrace the call for positive transformation in your health and work habits.


Nestled in your fifth house of self-expression, the New Moon invites you to explore creativity, romance, and joy, Cancer. Embrace the transformative energy of self-discovery and passionate pursuits.


In your fourth house of home and family, the Scorpio New Moon brings transformation to the foundations of your life, Leo. Dive into the depths of emotional connections and ancestral roots.


The New Moon graces your third house, Virgo, stimulating communication, learning, and local connections. Embrace the transformative power of expressing your authentic voice and seeking knowledge.


In your second house of values and resources, the Scorpio New Moon inspires a journey of self-discovery in relation to your material world, Libra. Reflect on your values and embrace positive transformations.


As the New Moon lights up your first house, Scorpio, it marks a powerful moment of self-renewal and transformation. Embrace the energies of rebirth and the unfolding mystery of your own identity.


Nestled in your twelfth house of the subconscious, the Scorpio New Moon invites introspection and spiritual exploration, Sagittarius. Dive into the transformative realms of inner wisdom.


The New Moon graces your eleventh house of community and aspirations, Capricorn. Embrace transformative connections and consider the role of your goals in your broader community.


In your tenth house of career and public life, the Scorpio New Moon inspires transformative shifts in your professional journey, Aquarius. Embrace the depths of your ambitions.


Nestled in your ninth house of expansion and beliefs, the New Moon calls for transformative exploration and a quest for higher knowledge, Pisces. Embrace the adventure of self-discovery.

Now, let's weave an intention writing ceremony into the cosmic narrative:

There’s a juicy and auspicious window of time in a couple of days when Luna enters Capricorn on November 15th at 11:41 p.m. This opportune phase extends until November 18th at 12:27 a.m., when she joins with Pluto, coinciding with their harmonious sextile to the Sun & Mars, who will have just had their renewal ceremony in Scorpio. The lunar energies are ripe for your intention-setting ceremony to cast your intentions into the fertile cosmic soil.

Journal, candle, flowers, and a cup of tea
Journaling allows us to explore the hidden realms of our psyche.

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

So as the Scorpio New Moon weaves its magic, let the energies guide you on a transformative journey tailored to your unique birth chart. Embrace the mysteries unfolding within and around you.

In the transformative embrace of the Scorpio New Moon, we find the alchemical elixir for our renewal. As energies converge, remember that within the dance, your spirit finds its unique rhythm. Embrace the unfolding mystery, for in Scorpio's depths, profound rebirth awaits!

I wish you profound renewal, peace, abundance, and love...always love!

~ Elise

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