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Aquarius New Moon – A New Earth Won’t Birth Herself!

At 9:45pm PST on January 31st, the Sun and Moon are joining in Aquarius at 12°20’.

With the New Moon squaring Uranus and conjunct Saturn, we are revisiting the Saturn/Uranus square that was our theme throughout 2021.

This New Earth is still in her birthing pangs…something must be released in order to usher in the new!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Many are weary of the challenges and restrictions of the past few years…so it’s time to get inventive. How does one safely venture into the world and have some semblance of a “normal” life? There has been so much confusion in the air. Various solutions have been offered, and more will be revealed. Which solution is right for you?

Communing with your personal Godhead within is the key to your discernment!

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of humanity. Being ruled by both Saturn & Uranus, this is a particularly potent lunation.

There are more opportunities for breaking free of old and “outworn” historical patterns. This is happening on a macro (national/global) scale, as well as on a micro (individual) level—especially for those of you with planets or sensitive points in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius between 9°-16°.

Retrograde Cycles Are Nearing Their Completion Until late April

Venus has completed her retrograde cycle and is trine to Uranus during the New Moon lending her feminine power to the equation. There is much that she has taught us about our personal values during her 40-day dance backwards, and now she is moving forward in Capricorn…

Mercury will station direct this coming Thursday, February 3rd but we will still be in the post Mercury retrograde shadow until February 23rd.

If you can put off elective surgeries, major electronic purchases, signing of contracts, and making big commitments until after the 23rd, then that would be my recommendation. I know that for many of us, there is a “the show must go on” quality to life these days. If your show must go on, then employ every bit of quantum physical mojo that you can, stay calm…and carry on!

New Moon Intentions

I do not recommend doing your New Moon intentions this month until later this week....

Wednesday looks like a lovely day for seed planting! There is a sweet window of time from the wee hours on Wednesday the 2nd (2:59 am PST) when the Moon moves into Pisces and forms a sextile with Mars, a conjunction with Jupiter, a sextile with Uranus, and a sextile with Venus throughout the day.

With Mercury stationing to go direct on Thursday, let’s hold off on planting energetic seeds!

On Friday, at 6:56am PST, the Moon will move into Aries and into her crescent phase on Saturday. Expect to feel a lot more “giddy up” in your energy field, particularly in the afternoon when the Moon sextiles both Saturn and the Sun. For plans that you have for the betterment of the world, this is a beautiful time to “plant those seeds!”

Aquarius Themes:

· Humanitarian

· Independent

· Progressive

· Avant-garde

· Inventive

· Scientific

· Individualistic

· Future-oriented

· Rebellious

· Eccentric

· Objective / Detachment

Check your chart to see where 12°20' Aquarius falls to know what area of your life you are working with.

  • 1st House - One of the most important points in a chart; I or me, personality, body, health, physical appearance, how one is seen, how one sees the world

  • 2nd House - Belongings, finances, earning power, values, resources, self-worth

  • 3rd House - Communication, letters, emails…, siblings, neighbors, immediate surroundings, close travel, primary schooling

  • 4th House - Home, real estate, private life, parents, roots, ancestry, foundation

  • 5th House - Creativity, children (both human & artistic) drama, vacations, parties, fun, love affairs, romance, gambling, speculation, hobbies

  • 6th House - Health, diet, work, job, employment, employees, dependents, mundane duties, hygiene, personal habits, pets

  • 7th House - Others, partners, marriage, divorce, lawsuits, contracts, open enemies

  • 8th House - Others’ belongings, support received from others, inheritance, legacies, insurance, taxes, trusts, secrets, sex, transformation, metaphysics, occult

  • 9th House - Higher mind, philosophy, religion, higher learning, psychology, distant travel, foreigners, big business, commerce

  • 10th House - Profession, career, standing in community, status, fame, influence one has within one’s sphere of influence

  • 11th House - Goals, wishes, friends, money obtained through one’s profession, groups & associations which are related to career

  • 12th House - Seclusion, suffering, sorrow, confinement, limitation, that which is hidden from sight, hidden strengths or weaknesses, secrets, self-undoing, subconscious mind, selfless service to others, charity

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May this be a very empowering and transformative year for you!

Warmest regards,



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