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Aries New Moon/New Year

Today the Moon is making her monthly connection with Sol at 7°37’ Aries. This potent and powerful time is the Astrological New Year! This will be great time to write out your deepest, dearest, and most heartfelt intentions.

In order to facilitate your most effective launch into this New Year, I am offering a very special Equinox Package...

  • Your Natal Chart & 25+ page Report

1-Year Transit Report

  • 1-Year Progression Report

  • Astro-cartography Report for your City of Residence

  • & 1-Hour Consultation

Click here for my: Spring Equinox Offer!

May this coming year be the year when you truly choose the life of your dreams, filled with love, joy, abundance, and the knowing that you are living your life with great purpose.

Enjoy every precious moment!

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