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The Sun, Moon, and planets rule different signs as well as the distinct functions of your body and life, especially depending on where they fall in your birth chart and how they trigger you along your life’s journey.

In Feng Shui, each area of your home also rules a particular area of your life, which corresponds to the celestial bodies and signs, as indicated in the graphics below.  These 9 areas are called the "Bagua."

As you can see below, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which rules health and is located in the center, Libra is ruled by Venus, which rules love and is located in the upper right (far right corner of your home), Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which rules wealth in the upper left (far left corner of your home), and so on.


Chi is an energy that either flows through your home or it stagnates in these areas.  All things, including you, possess chi, and depending on the object, it can help to enhance these regions of your home and thus your life. 


This is the main reason why we should keep our homes clean and uncluttered, and only hang onto items that we use and love....

Click on a sign to see some suggested "cures" for that specific area and how to enhance it, or keep reading below the image...

Feng Shui for the Signs.png




Not only do objects have chi, but they also have a unique frequency or vibration just like the planets and signs.  We tend to think in terms of above or below, left or right, forward or backward, within or without, but the reality is that everything is connected or entangled with everything else, so what you do anywhere affects your life. 


You have probably heard of the "butterfly effect" or "how you do anything is how you do everything."  This is due to the quantum, fractal, matrix, or holographic nature of the universe.


Various colors, textures, patterns, candles, incense, fountains, crystals, glass, stones, metals, plants, wood, & artwork can be your friend when your birth chart gets triggered and various health and personal challenges arise, or when certain areas of your life could use a little enhancing!

You can enhance missing areas with mirrors and trees, for example, because obviously not every home is a perfect square.  A big part of Feng Shui is our consciousness and our feelings, so if a mirror gives you the impression of making a room look bigger, or when you look at an item that makes you feel good, then these objects are doing their job. 


Outside trees can help to anchor a missing area so be sure to keep them healthy!

Click on a planet to see some suggested "cures" for that specific area and how to enhance it...

Feng Shui for your Planets.png

I welcome you to visit my 'Services' page if you need help determining where your planets are either strong or weak in your Natal Chart, or which ones are getting triggered in your life right now. 


I also offer a variety of Packages as well in order to get the most bang for your buck!

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