Our Last Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Our final eclipse with the Moon’s Nodes in the Virgo/Pisces axis gives us powerful opportunities to release anything and everything that may be holding us back, while embracing that new dream. The Sun and Moon meet at 8°12’ of Pisces and are conjunct the South Node and Neptune, both aiding us in the contemplation of the cosmic release and the creation of our vision. With every New Moon, it is a great idea to set your intentions for the next month, particularly focusing on the meanings of the sign in which the Sun and Moon are meeting. Pisces rules spiritual healing, compassion, psychic sensitivity, and our inner dreamer, that part of us that wants to escape from the harsh realities of life

Eclipse Season is Upon Us!

As our Moon revolves around the Earth, she crosses the ecliptic plane. When she is traveling north and crosses the ecliptic, that creates the North Node, and when she is traveling south and crosses the ecliptic, that creates the South Node. The Nodes of the Moon travel in a retrograde motion (backwards), taking approximately 18 years to travel through the whole zodiac. This May, they will be moving from the Virgo/Pisces axis into the Leo/Aquarius axis. This will greatly support those of us who are ready to embrace greater sovereignty in our lives. The North Node in Leo is calling for us to step into the spotlight and own our leadership. If you have felt during this past election cycle th

Other Energies Affecting 2017 Planetary Aspects – Part II of II

Part II: Ripples Through Time Just as the “Aquarian Age” energy is affecting current 2017 planetary aspects and their potential impacts on human affairs, as I pointed out in Part I: The Age of Aquarius, so too is the energy from the major, past, planetary aspects still affecting the present—namely the conjunctions. A conjunction happens when two or more planets are within 8 degrees of each other, and of course our sky is broken up into a 360-degree circle. Think of the conjunctions as seed conversations that began between the two planets involved. As the planets continue to travel through the zodiac, they will make additional aspects to each other, but we always look back to the most recen

Other Energies Affecting 2017 Planetary Aspects – Part I of II

Part I: The Age of Aquarius graphic created by William Hicks As I write about 2017 planetary aspects throughout the year, and their potential impacts on human affairs, I would like to stress that there are both past and current energies, independent of the planetary aspects taking place, which are also having an effect on the present. This is very important to point out, because as I call upon past events as comparisons to demonstrate energetic 2017 potentialities, it is all within the context of these other energetic influences. We are moving out of the sign of Pisces and into Aquarius on a Galactic scale, where Earth is in each sign for about 2,160 years. The Age of Pisces began circa 143

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