No Retrogrades Period: Clear Skies Ahead

It is rare to have a time when we don’t have any retrograde planets, but we are in a nice break, which started January 8th and will last until February 6th, when Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6th. During this time, all planets are moving in direct (or forward) motion. This is a great time to begin new projects, barring the times when the moon is ‘Void of Course,’ which is every other day or so. We were still in the ‘Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period’ until today, January 28th, however, which meant that even though Mercury had gone direct, he appeared to be moving very slowly forward, so that it can feel a little like you’re moving against a strong wind! Refer to my ‘Mercury Retrograde

What is Moon Void of Course?

The Moon's influence is powerful enough to control the ocean's tides, as well as life's most basic biological cycles, so you will want to be extra conscious of when the Moon is "Void of Course." These are the times when the Moon has made her last aspect to another planet before her ingress into the next sign. When the moon goes Void of Course, it almost feels like we are in a sailboat in which we have been moving along, and then suddenly the wind disappears. I do not recommend making big plans during a VOC moon, but it is a great time to finish up projects or do mundane activities…so get that laundry done! ;-) If you would like a listing of all of the Moon Void of Course dates and times,

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